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South African domains exceed 1 million

South African domains numbers as of 12 February 2015

ZACR, the official registry for most South African top-level domains, has reported that over 1 million domains are in their registry currently.

ZACR is responsible for the following South African domain extensions:

  • .co.za – generic South African domain extension used by most entities and by far the most popular
  • .org.za – intended for non-profit South African organizations
  • .capetown – the top-level domain for the City of Cape Town
  • .joburg – the top-level domain for the City of Johannesburg
  • .durban – the top-level domain for the City of Durban
  • .web.za – intended as an alternative to .co.za
  • .net.za – intended for network infrastructure in South Africa

The chart below shows the break-down on the extensions under their management:

South African domains numbers as of 12 February 2015

South African domains numbers as of 12 February 2015

The total number of domains under ZACR comes to 1,006,806 as of 9am 12th February 2015.

Other South African domains extensions not managed by ZACR include: .law.za, .ac.za, .edu.za, .gov.za

Web4Africa is a ZACR Accredited Domain Registrar and offers .co.za, .org.za, .capetown, .joburg, .durban, .web.za, .net.za domains.

.joburg, .capetown & .durban domain registrations soon

South Africa city top-level domains

With South Africa being the most developed country in Africa, it is not much of a surprise that 3 cities in South Africa are joining world-class cities like London (.london), New York (.nyc), Tokyo (.tokyo), Bayern (.bayern) etc, to own their own city top-level domains (TLDs). Much credence has to be given to Africa’s largest domain registry, ZACR, for their forward-thinking and hard-work.

With almost 1 million domains registered under 2nd-level .za (.co.za, .org.za, .net.za etc), choices are a bit limited for new businesses who intend to have a web presence. Thus, city-level domain extensions like .joburg, .capetown, .durban have a gap to fill. More so, not every website in South Africa targets the entire country. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses in South Africa only need to target their respective cities.

Example: a small plumber targeting residents of Randburg would find a .joburg domain name most appropriate.

In essence, new website owners don’t necessarily need to come-up with compounded words just so they can find an available domain name under .co.za

South Africa city top-level domains

City-level domains would also serve as an easy means of identifying the target audience of a website. While that could have mixed results in itself, a multi-national can still identify itself with a specific city-domain name, for a specific event or promotion.

I was attending ICANN 47 conference hosted in Durban, in July 2014. A cab driver I had been using for a few days asked about what conference I was attending. I explained the conference was related to domains and he remarked to my amusement and astonishment:

“…No more .co.za, .durban, straight!”

Ah. A cab driver in the city of Durban already knew of .durban and had already proudly taken ownership of the .durban TLD. It made me wonder how many more indigenes and residents of Durban had the same attitude.

.joburg, .capetown and .durban domains would be available from Web4Africa from 1st November 2014.

Web4Africa is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar.

Understanding the new .co.za domain name system

.za is the domain name system for South Africa. It is split into different categories, with each intended for different uses.

.co.za – intended for commercial enterprises and general use, this is by far the most popular of all .za domains and is registered by individuals, businesses, organisations and government institutions alike. It is virtually the de facto .za domain considering .co.za domains make-up for well over 90% of all .za domain names. .co.za domains are open to registration by anyone around the world, while the others listed below are mostly restricted to the relevant entities in South Africa:

  • .ac.za – academic and tertiary societies
  • .city.za – for municipal governments
  • .edu.za – for distance learning institutions
  • .gov.za – government departments
  • .law.za – for legal firms
  • .mil.za – military institutions
  • .nom.za – for personal names, not organizations
  • .org.za – for non-commercial entities
  • .school.za – for schools in South Africa. Other regional sub-domains exist other this category, e.g. gp.school.za for schools in the Gauteng province.

Before 2012, registering .co.za domains was by interacting directly with the .co.za domain registry using an old-fashion email-driven system. Although it was largely automated, it wasn’t without serious weaknesses. With most domain registries around the world migrated to a more sophisticated system called EPP, the .co.za eventually evolved into a more modern registry by coding it’s own EPP-based registry. The registry also switch to a registry-registrar model, with the intention of eventually phasing-out the old registry/registrant model.

The .co.za registry has since accredited over 100 registrars who would interface between the registry and registrants by selling .co.za domains and related services and offering technical support to end users. Web4Africa, accredited in March 2012, was one of the very earliest .co.za accredited registrars.

The new registry platform offers much more functionalities for all involved: the registry, registrars and registrants. These improvements include:

  • .co.za domains are now registered instantly
  • the overall management of .co.za domains is no longer exclusive to geeks as the old email system was since registrants can now easily manage all aspects of their .co.za domain name via the user-friendly control panel of their domain registrar
  • the WHOIS record (public contact details) for .co.za domains are now simpler and easy to understand
  • domain transfers between registrars are instant, all things being equal

Web4Africa offers .co.za domains to clients worldwide at one of the lowest prices and includes a simple control panel for easy management. A free .co.za domain can be bundled with all annual web hosting plans offered by Web4Africa.

Registered .co.za domain names

Registered .co.za domain names. Source: .co.za registry

The .co.za domain system is by far the largest in Africa, with well 842,199 .co.za domains registered as of 5:51am GMT on 20th August 2012, with about 10% of them already on the new .co.za EPP platform.

Web4Africa gains CO.ZA Domain accreditation

Web4Africa, a leading domain registrar and web hosting company operating from West Africa gained full CO.ZA accreditation earlier this week. The domain accreditation makes Web4Africa one of the few domain registrars to have gained the status so far.

.za is the country code top-level domain name for South Africa. .co.za, a subset of .za is very popular in South Africa but open to anyone in the world.

Having scaled the technical and financial requirements for gaining this status, Web4Africa is poised to offer the best value to its existing customers and potential customers, under the new domain system that has been implemented by the CO.ZA registry.

Web4Africa gains COZA accreditation

Web4Africa gains COZA accreditation

Web4Africa would be offering direct domain management to its .co.za domain customers shortly. Customers would be able to manage domain nameservers, contact details from our control panel directly. Hitherto, we had to handle these manually on behalf of customers.

The new, modern, world-class CO.ZA registry places the .co.za domain system at a high standard like several popular country code domain systems in the world.

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