Google website listing in 1 day

Michael Jensen in his post “Google Indexing Sites in 1 Day Again” explained how he successfully listed his site in Google within 24 hours.

1) I created 5 pages of content (Home, FAQ, About Us, etc.).

2) I put them in a simple template with site-wide links. I also linked to it from one of my other sites (it’s very relevant so it makes sense).

3) I added tagged the site on only 2 social bookmarking sites.

4) Commented in 1 forum, put the URL in one directory (niche specific), and submitted it to Digg.

5) Installed Google Analytics

6) Created a sitemap, pinged Google, and put the sitemap in my Robots.txt. Logged into Google Webmaster Central and submitted my sitemap there.

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This is a great contribution.

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